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Start-up Management System

by Piece Future

This platform serves as a hub for Startups from our program, Investors, and IP Owners to collaborate on projects. Startups can share their current company as well as their collaboration status.

Group Discussion

7 Module Tool

to ensure full workflow automation and streamlining of all startup processes from the onboarding to the day they exit. This will ensure timely and updated reporting to IP owners of the startups' progress.

Company Info

Ensuring all the startup's data are captured

Patent Maintenance

All the patents in the startups are well-maintained and paid on a timely manner


Startups company valuations are up to date and ready for reporting

Financial Data

Financial tracking, manage company's revenue, profit and cashflow

Management Access

User access rights to the startup manager handling the startups

Traceback Activities

All correspondences with startups for easy tracing and updating


All other documents to be stored

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