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Business Solutions.


IPHatch® is an open-innovation challenge looking for enthusiastic start-ups and entrepreneurs that ambitiously want to scale their businesses to greater heights by incorporating the use of patents and technology portfolios from renowned companies.

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In-house Special Methodology


Combination of multiple perspectives to present a 360-degree viewpoint for our clients with regards to their technology strategies and road mapping, IP portfolio strategies as well as IP portfolio value using in-house Valuation 360º™.

  • Market Potential

  • Technology Potential

  • Legal Potential

  • Sustainability Potential

  • X-Potential

Manage IP Portfolio

Provide strategic advisory on IP portfolio management and best mode of monetisation.

  • Formulate best balance portfolio for maximum business impact

  • Help clients to acquire IPs that matches their business model and technology roadmap

Business LX

Business LX (Life Extension) program aims to help Innovative IP Rich Companies to expand regionally in South East Asia.

  • Access to good technologies with IP

  • Help companies to expand or enhance their products 

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